Withdrawal of Election Notices of 2023-24

Dated: 24th August 2023


Subject:          Withdrawal of Election Notice and all consequent notification in pursuant of
                         Trade Organization (Amendment) Act 2022 Read with SRO.1057(I)/2023 dated 08th August 2023.
 The Election schedule for the Annual Election of the Pakistan Chemicals & Dyes Merchants Association was earlier notified vide circular no 01 dated 14th July 2023.

Recently, Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan, issued a notification vide SRO1057(I)/2023 dated 08th August 2023 and aligned the trade organization rule 2013 with the amended section 11 of the Trade Organization Act, 2013, amended through Trade Organization (Amendment) Act, 2022. 

In the wake of the above said amendments in terms of the tenure of the office bearers, as well as members of Executive Committee of the Trade Organization is deemed to be two years, with effect from 01-10-2022 to 30-09-2024.

The statutory provisions laid down in TOA (Amendment) Act, 2022 and TOR, 2013 preclude the Secretary General of the PCDMA and or the Election Commission PCDMA to conduct any pre-mature Election. Hence the Election Commission PCDMA has decided to withdraw the Election Circular 01 dated 14th July 2023 and all subsequent correspondence with regards to the Election 2023-2024.


Suhail Ashraf
Secretary General




Election Executive Committee                                                                                  Monday                               18-09-2023

Election of Office Bearers                                                                                           Monday                              25-09-2023

Annual General Body Meeting (AGM)                                                                   Saturday                             30-09-2023

  1. Circulation of Election Notice and Issuance of Provisional Voters list.                                         Friday                                14-07-2023              
  2.  Last date of receiving changes (s) of names(s) of authorized                                                          Monday                                 17-07-2023
  •        Representative (s) etc., if any on the Provisional Voters list
  •        & Submission of required documents by Voters under objection   
      3. Display of revised Provisional Voter List.                                                                                               Wednesday                                 19-07-2023
      4. LAST DATE OF Objection on revised Provisional Voter List.                                                            Monday                                  24-07-2023  
    05  The Secretary General will intimate action on the objection or                                                   Wednesday                                26-07-2023
  •  Changes sent by the members.
    06  Appeal against the decision of the Secretary General shall be                                                       Monday                               31-07-2023
  •  referred to the Election Commission.
    07  Election Commission will decide the dispute pertaining to the eligibility of a                        Thursday                            03-08-2023
  •  member, aggrieved by the decision of the Secretary General. If aggrieved person

           not satisfy by the Election Commission decision may appeal to DGTO, who will

           decide the case within 10 days and his decision will be final in this regard.  

     8   Issuance of final Voter list                                                                                                                               Thursday                           10-08-2023
     9.  Issuance of Nomination papers for election of the Executive Committee Members                   Monday                               21-08-2023          
     10.Date for receiving Nomination papers till office hour                                                                           Thursday                           24-08-2023
  1. Scrutiny & display of List of candidates by the Election Commission                                                   Saturday                            26-08-2023          
  •  & Copy of final Voter list to be provided to contestants
      12  The Last Date of filling objection against the rejection and acceptance of nomination            Tuesday                            29-08-2023             
  •   Objection if any, of the candidates whose nomination has been rejected
  •   Or accepted by the Election Commission will be heard from 02:00 pm –to 4:00 pm              Thursday                            31-08-2023    
     13    Decision of the Election Commission on objections. If aggrieved                                                   Saturday                           02-09-2023
  •    person not satisfied, he may apply to DGTO, who will decide in 7 days.
    14     Circulation of Agenda Notice for the Annual General Body Meeting                                              Saturday                           09-09-2023                       
    15     A Candidate can withdraw his nomination latest by                                                                            Tuesday                             12-09-2023
  •   upto 4:00 p.m. after this date name of candidate will appear on the
  •   ballot paper even if he send letter of withdrawal to Election Commission
      16    Display of Final List of Candidates                                                                                                            Friday                       15-09-2023   

     17    Election of the Executive Committee Members                                                                                  Monday                       18-09-2023                                   

    18    Issuance & receiving of nominations for office bearers & one reserved                                       Wednesday                     20-09-2023
  •   seat for women to Election Commission till office timing.
    19   Securitization and display of list of candidates by the Election Commission                                 Friday                      22-09-2023
    20  Election of the Office Bearers & one reserved seat for women at 11:30 a.m.                                  Monday                     25-09-2023
    21   Holding of Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) at 3:30 p.m.                                                           Saturday                        30-09-2023

       Approved by the Executive Committee, (PCDMA)  

Secretary General