Pakistan Chemical and Dyes Merchants Association is a premier organization which promote business of Chemicals & Dyes and encourages fair business practices. It adhere to moral and ethical value of doing business.

The Association promote the business activities of its members in a world coming increasingly complex. The Association aspire to provide services based on activities of its member adhering to simple basics of good service but also added value to their activities.

The basic purpose can be broken down into three main core points.

  • Providing good service to its members.
  • Advising for better business environment with out unnecessary risk.
  • Identifying members’ requirements by providing needed backup.
  • Solving the members issues with Government and others.


Our mission is;

Encourage develop and introduce new technologies and products for its members
Provide support to its members and their area of activities for better returns
To play a meaning full role in the development of National Economy
To promote best possible quality services to its members professionally in order to produce good results and priorities sets by the Association.
Encourage quality policies for its members and endorses continuous review understanding, to improve ability effectiveness and stability to its members to ensure association and commitments of providing best possible services to meet all exceed members expectations
Providing good management and techniques to its members
Identifying Industries needs by providing solutions for better performances for the success of National Economy.
To consider, support or oppose legislative or other government measures affecting the economic interest of businessmen and also make representations to Government or grievances, if any.